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Retirement, Estate & Succession Planning
A little planning can save thousands of dollars! You can't take it with you, but failing to plan for your retirement and your estate can mean that the government, rather than you or your heirs, may get more than its fair share of your hard-earned money.
  • Funding retirement – Do you have sufficient resources available to retire comfortably?
  • Succession – Is your successor prepared to take on operational control? Do they have a detailed development plan to prepare them?
  • Corporate ownership – Does the current corporate structure allow ownership to pass smoothly and tax-effectively to the next generation? Would an Estate Freeze make sense?
  • Life insurance coverage – is your insurance coverage sufficient to cover all debts and other expenses, as well as provide sufficient capital for your surviving spouse and family?
  • Wills
    • Does your will distribute your assets in a tax-effective manner?
    • Will a tax deduction be available for charitable gifts included in your will?
    • Has the potential for double tax in respect of your private company shares been avoided?
    • Would your private company shares qualify for the $750,000 capital gains exemption if you were to pass away suddenly?
    • Are you and your spouse at risk of paying probate fees twice? Could these probate fees be reduced or eliminated?
    • Could a spousal trust or other testamentary trust significantly reduce future taxes to your heirs?
  • Shareholder agreements – Is it clear what happens to your shares when you pass away? Have all potential adverse tax consequences related to your shareholders agreement been considered?
  • U.S. estate tax – Do you have exposure to U.S. estate tax? Can it be reduced or eliminated?
It is important to talk to your family and professional advisors about your succession plans sooner rather than later. Roth Mosey is ready to help, just give us a call to set up an initial consultation free of charge.