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Common Final Examination Training Program
Our goal at Roth Mosey is to help you make the transition from University graduate to Professional Accountant. The CPA exam process is a challenging series of exams and modules spanning from November to September each year. Although this will be a demanding and stressful time in your life, our Common Final Examination (CFE) training program will provide you with the tools you need to succeed – and we’re with you every step of the way.

Core & Elective Knowledge Training Modules
The Core & Elective Knowledge training modules are the first step along the journey to complete the CFE. These modules test student’s technical knowledge of the key core competencies tested under the Professional Education Program. Students must successfully complete 2 core modules and 2 elective modules (4 in total) in order to proceed to the next level of the program. Each module contains a comprehensive examination at the end, which includes multiple choice questions as well as case writing scenarios.

In-house mentoring and resources provided include a comprehensive information session, training resources and guides, as well as practice examination questions and solutions.

Capstone 1 and 2
The next step in the process is the Capstone integrative modules. Capstone 1 focuses on development of leadership and other professional skills while integrating the technical knowledge of the core competencies. Capstone 1 also involves group work and the completion of a case study, culminating in a group presentation at the end of the module. Capstone 2 is strictly an examination preparation module which prepares candidates for the Common Final Examination.

Common Final Examination (CFE)
The CFE is a 3-day exam, with a summary/review case form the Capstone modules on Day 1, a comprehensive single-simulation exam on Day 2 and a multi-simulation exam on Day 3. Candidates will generally spend the month of August and early September (approximately 6 weeks) studying for the CFE which is written in mid-September. This exam also has sittings each May for those who are unsuccessful on their first attempt in September.

Our in-house training and support system will guide you along each step on the way to completing the CFE, offering training guidance and case marking during the process. The CFE Coordinator is also available from a stress management perspective and overall guidance during the process. Recently successful CFE writers are also available to provide feedback and encouragement.

Raising the standard
Our firm has excelled on these exams for good reason. Working closely with talented individuals who are available to guide you through the exam process, all while providing the level of financial and technical support of a multinational firm creates an environment that allows our students to be successful.

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