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Tax Compliance
Individuals, corporations and trusts have a legal responsibility to file accurate and timely tax returns. Our team of professionals is experienced in all avenues of tax preparation, and can assist you in meeting your obligations while also ensuring that you take advantage of the tax credits and deductions that are available to you.

Specifically, our team of tax professionals is skilled and experienced in preparing:

Canadian Taxation
  • Personal income tax returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Estate and trust income tax returns
  • Charity and not-for-profit information returns
U.S. Taxation
  • U.S. personal income tax returns for U.S. citizens, Non-Resident Alien individuals working in the U.S., or Non-Resident Alien owners of U.S. property
  • U.S. corporation income tax returns for companies with sales activity or a physical presence in the U.S.
In the event your tax return is reviewed or audited by Canada’s tax authorities, we will work to protect your interests, ensuring that you benefit from the tax credits and deductions that you deserve, and that your tax return is assessed properly.